Whole School Workshops will be available again once the current situation is resolved

Whole school music sessions are ideal for primary and preschools.  The two elements are a training session for staff and a day of music making for the children.

Staff Training:  This can take the form of a two hour twilight training session.  No previous musical skills are are required.  These sessions help to give staff the confidence and basic knowledge required to run a music session.

Music Making for Children:  This can be delivered in the form of a music session for each class in the school* during a single day.  The day can culminate in a music assembly for all.  Parents can be invited to attend and experience the music work that has been done.  All children (and staff) end up being able to read basic rhythmic music.

Other packages can be provided.  To enquire click here

* In the case of a large school it may require more than one day to cover all classes.