Teacher Training & Workshops

Kodály Training for Classroom and Instrumental Teachers

Kodály Training for classroom and instrumental teachers is available both in the UK and abroadKodály Musicianship training for adults is available on line

In The UK

Teacher training in the UK is delivered by Len Tyler in a number of ways from a twilight training session to a full day or two day workshop.

A series of "Kodály in the Klassroom" workshops will be reinstated once life return to normal. These events usually take the form of a two day workshop (single day attendance by arrangement) in York and Farnborough (Hants) but other venues could be considered.

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Vocal warm up (Aeolian 4pt canon)


Primary teachers perform Tue Tue in canon


Primary teachers perform ensemble piece (Cobbler Cobbler)


Vocal warm up (Pease Pudding Hot in mixtures)


Vocal warm up (major chord sequence)


Teacher training abroad is organised on an individual basis and requires good local support to help organise accommodation and local transport.

Workshops abroad have been delivered in Kenya, Uganda, Malta, South Africa and Pakistan, with more planned for China and Poland as well as return visits to previously visited countries.

There is a small fund that can give financial support for travel expenses in certain circumstances.  For details of how to donate to this fund and support teacher training oversees click here

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Teacher training in Johannesburg (South Africa)


Teacher training at the Korangi Academy in (Pakistan)


Teacher (Alti) give feedback on training in Cape Town
(South Africa)


Two part tuning exercise for a youth band in Mbale (Uganda)


Youth band in Mbale (Uganda) sing in two parts

Kodály Musicianship Training


Esther Hargittai is a leading professional in the Kodály Approach.  She has made Kodály musicianship classes available on line.  There is no better way for a teacher or musician to improve their personal skills than by taking one of Esther's excellent courses.  Click here for more details and to visit the website Kodály with Esther where you can preview the first 43 minute lesson of a 10 lesson intermediate course for free.  Total course length is over 8 hours which can be replayed as often as is necessary.  Supporting handouts are also included.  The introductory course is also available with more courses being added as they become available.

Further Teacher Training

Also highly recommended are teacher training courses for early years and primary classroom teachers and piano teachers provided by Nikhil Dally of Stepping Notes Music. Nikhil is a highly respected Kodály and Dalcroze practitioner with many years’ experience delivering music lessons for early years and primary children as well as taking a somewhat different and very successful approach to teaching piano musicianship. His courses are frequently oversubscribed. Click here for details.