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These resources are available free to anyone.

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The resources in this section contain a song  with a graphic score, heart beat cards and the appropriate rhythm flash cards.  There are instructions for a six-step progression leading to the reading of the basic rhythmic elements of the song (Ta, Ti-ti, Sh etc.).  There are also suggestion for activities to do with each song.  Click the song to download.

Cobbler Cobbler Mend my Shoe (Ta and Ti-ti)

Clilck HERE for download available in .pdf

Hot Cross Buns - three note version (Ta, Ti-ti and Sh)

Clilck HERE for download available in .pdf

Further flash cards using the above elements are available below.

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Rhythm Flash Cards

In this section a pair of quavers is called “Ti-ti”  Some teachers prefer to use “Te-te”.  Either version is perfectly acceptable.

These flash cards can be used as a basic teaching resource and also to make the rhythms of a great deal of well know music. Card 9 can be used to produce Cobbler Cobbler, cards 1 and 29 can be used to make Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and cards 97 and 98 can be used to make the main theme to Peter and the Wolf.   There are many other combinations.

To make these flash cards more durable trim about 2 cm (¾ inch) off the bottom and then split in half horizontally.  Each pair of flash cards should then fit into an A4 laminate pouch.

INDEX - click here  (Please note that only the first 100 or the 170 or so cards are on the index)

Set 1 (1 - 14)  Ta and Ti-ti: click here

Set 2 (15 - 27) Ta, Ti-ti and Sh: click here

Set 3 (28 - 37) Ta, Ti-ti, Sh and Ta-a (or To-o): click here

Set 4 (38 - 48) To include separate Ti: click here

Set 5 (49 - 53) To inlcude Syn-co-pa: click here

Set 6 (54 - 64) To include Tiki-tiki:  click here

Set 7 (65 - 68) To include Ta-a-a (or Thre-e-e): click here

Set 8 (69 - 71) To include Tai - ti:  click here

Set 9 (72 - 76) To include Ti-tiki:  click here

Set 10 (77 - 81) To include Tiki-ti:  click here

Set 11 (82 - 89) To include Tiki-ti and Ti-tiki:  click here

Set 12 (88 - 100) To include Tim-ki and other rhythms click here

Set 13 To include Quaver rest and other rhythms click here

Set 14 To include Syn-Co-Pa and other rhythms COMING SOON

Set 15 To include Um-Co-Pa and other rhythms COMING SOON

Other general tips

The Bach Musicological Font is a useful resource.  It allows you to write music notation in the middle of a text document without upsetting the normal formatting of the document.  Originally designed for use in data basses many teachers find it very useful in word documents.  This freeware was done originally as a project and is not from a professional software company, hence there is no download wizard.  You will need to learn how to download fonts for yourself.

To download this freeware please click here