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Preschool children learn about playing xylophones - and also about playing together Babies learn the musical pulse while parents sing the song



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Music for bumps, music for babes, music for toddlers is all available at the Len Tyler Music School. Music sessions are provided for children from 22nd week of pregnancy to 9 year olds and beyond.  Music for bumps and babes and music for parents and toddlers are provided in child friendly classes where the adult (mum, dad, grandparent, child minder, nanny etc.) play an integral roll in the music making.  Specially selected and researched songs and routines are used to lay down the the basic principles of good music learning while having good fun.  As children become more confident parents gradually filter out of the class leaving the children to make music and learn how to achieve good music without the support of an adult.  This is a major step and is only done when the child is happy and settled.  There is no problem having an adult stay in the class until the child is much older if this is what is best for the child.By the time children start primary school they are reading basic rhythmic music with understanding. As children progress to upper primary their musical skills are further developed including ensemble and listening skills, music reading, instrumental work using xylophones and percussion instruments.  Orchestral instruments are demonstrated twice a term with the children having as much “hands on” as is possible.

Since opening in January 1994 the School has proved to be very popular and now has over 250 children receiving lessons.  In the past children have regularly travelled from as far away as Alton, Ascot, Calne (Wiltshire), Basingstoke, Bracknell, Hounslow, Hungerford, London, Oxford and Winchester to receive their weekly lessons.  As the school's reputation has spread visiting teachers have travelled from far and wide to observe the classes and techniques used. Teachers have travelled from as far afield as Dublin (Ireland), Geneva (Switzerland) Oerlinghausen (Germany) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as well as from England, Scotland and Wales.

Len is in regular demand to provide teacher training workshops.  To find out more please go to the courses section of this site.

We are now taking bookings for classes in September on  “First Come - First Served” basis.

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